From the monthly archives: "October 2010"

Anybody but me intrigued-slash-disturbed by the clear indication with the announcement of Nook Color this week that we’re seriously on the path leading directly to the Cylon War? Just look at the bottom left corner of this device and tell me it’s not true.

I really love looking at photos of amazing interiors and have been doing it for some 40 years now, so it’s rare that I see an image of something that feels completely new. This is one such image for me.

There’s so much here that I love the idea of: the stark black/white/grey of the built-ins against the warmth of the beautiful wood floor; the really random mixture of things–from the stack of magazines (with the portrait peeking out above them) in the far corner to the crates atop the upper cabinets to the books, bust and whatever else that is on the right; the French doors (!); and that ceiling. That. Ceiling.

Then, to top it all off, the office set up on the table with the French press standing by. Heaven.

Again, from the awesome interiors porn.

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