From the monthly archives: "April 2012"

All kinds of random bits are floating to the surface for me these days, culminating in a bit of mental rambling that has led me from water damage, to London, to the decor of Abigail Ahern. Let me explain…

My better half and I started on our house build 7 years ago this month; we’ve loved living in our small modern home, even with the few warts we’d much prefer gone. Then the past few summers of intense heat and drought hit us in Austin, doing something terrible and unseen to our flat roof. The unseen became painfully clear when this winter’s strong rainstorms came and not all of the water stayed outside. To add insult to injury, we discovered that our insurance doesn’t cover the problem, so we’re looking at repair bills that are not insubstantial.

While researching alternatives to our current homeowner’s policy, I learned about a company that if there’s a leak they’ll trace it down and pay up to £5,000 in repairs. Wait. Was that £5,000? Not $5,000? Right, they’re in the UK. (Of course, it’s not going to do me any good at this point to switch carriers, but…)

Which led me to daydreaming of living in London and buddying up to one of my favorite designers and bloggers, Abigail Ahern (that’s her place in the above photos–or is it her sister’s). I read her site daily–just realized she’s not on my “Daily Read” sidebar list; will fix that straight away–and she’s the master of inky, sludgy dark drama with interiors and of personal online ramblings. My rambling is done for now, but, if you want, I’ll keep you updated on the roof situation–and maybe we’ll go for some of Abigail’s dark magic when we repair and repaint the interior damage…

Design: Abigail Ahern.

(Post revised by Dave on 4/13/12.)

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