From the monthly archives: "October 2012"

Serious Sinatra fanatics will most likely freak out to learn his Palm Springs estate is available as a (high end) vacation rental–either in a good way (because they can’t believe ordinary mortals–with money–can stay there) or in a bad way (because they can’t believe ordinary mortals–with no ties to the man himself–can stay there). Honestly, while the architecture and grounds are amazing, the interiors are mostly drab. But I assume that won’t matter to someone who really only wants to party like the Rat Pack used to.

Architecture: E. Stewart Williams.

Via Frank Sinatra Twin Palms Estate.

Don’t know if it’s on the map or not, but this would look great in it. (Um, what’s “The Office,” Alex?) Okay, I’ll admit it was a stretch at best, but this would be a fun addition to the movie poster collection you may have already begun for your space. Take a closer look and discover scores of films in this retro LA street map style artwork.

Dorothy via Gear Patrol.

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