From the monthly archives: "October 2012"

All my life I’ve had a recurring desire to live smaller. There’s something so attractive about the idea of having a tiny space with everything perfectly fitted–like this hideaway kitchen installation. I don’t for a minute really think I’d survive more than a weekend in a tiny footprint of a space, but if I ever were to try it, I’d very much like to have this kind of setup.

Via Remodelista.

Great rooms, filled to the brim with stuff–but sweet stuff; the Bauhaus chairs and Tivoli sound system in the first image are lust-worthy. Throw in the trifecta of Eames plywood, Eames lounge (see it peeking out there in the second photo?) and Panton dining chairs–all so nicely done, too. Terrific textures, manly materials, all kinds of goodies.

Style at Home via PLANETE DECO a homes world.

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