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Dave Hime, founder/curator of, has been an interior design addict for as long as he can remember. In 2005, he bought a house-in-progress and missed several opportunities to have an influence on his own home decor–leaving him wanting more. With design heroes such as Blake Dollahite and Robert & Cortney Novogratz, Dave began seeking out online resources that would exemplify the interior design practices he’s most drawn to: using color, texture and simple materials well. Bringing all of this together, along with his specific focus on providing interior design inspiration from a man’s point of view, is Dave’s mission: masculine design.

By day, Dave is Director of Web Strategy & Co-founder of Go9Media, an online strategy and interactive agency in Austin, TX. Prior to the invention of the Internet, he was a Jack-of-all-trades project manager and administrator in industries as diverse as healthcare, theatre, and consulting. When not blogging or web strategizing, he, his husband, and their dogs can be found avidly soaking up quality television.

Dave explains: why “Japanese Trash”?

“In the mid-to-late 1990s I read William Gibson’s novel, Idoru, and some of Neal Stephenson’s stuff, most notably The Diamond Age. There began a thought in the back of my mind about what the phrase, “Made in Japan” used to mean. When I was a kid in the 1960s, “Made in Japan” was synonymous with poor quality. But at the time I was reading these books in the ’90s, Japan had cornered the market in producing very high-quality electronics and computer chips. “Made in Japan” had become synonymous with the best quality for some industries. That thought turned into the idea that, perhaps, some day the highest quality stuff of any kind might be made in Japan, and therefore owning even the castoffs of their industry – or “Japanese trash” – would mean having things of great quality and value. When I had to come up with a name for the blog, I chose Japanese Trash in tribute to the thought that my online contributions might be seen as cast-offs by some, and as high-quality by others. Which turns out to be truer that I ever imagined it could be!”

Hire Dave

Dave is available to write about your interior design product or project and to speak on topics related to web, social media, and online strategy, blogging, and interior design. Contact Dave here. In addition to managing Japanese Trash, Dave is a regular contributor to The Interior Collective, Caesarstone’s online community. He most recently spoke at KBIS 2013 in New Orleans, presenting on Online Evangelism: Improving Your Brand’s Profile Online.


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