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Putting my own sense of style into my living spaces is very important to me–as you might assume–so when we built our home nine years ago, one of the things we did was to change out the builder’s selection of lighting fixtures with those of our own choosing. Now, as you may know, it was the experience of building that house and then realizing some of the missed opportunities that led me to start Japanese Trash–and that has resulted in my having a much more defined sense of my own style. Were I to be building now, I would definitely go for industrial chic lighting in most or all of the rooms. Today, I’m looking at a few options for the kind of thing I really am drawn to when it comes to fixtures.

Benjamin Hubert – Heavy Light

Benjamin Hubert's Heavy Light is one of my favorite options when it comes to industrial chic lighting. |

This thin walled concrete lamp is a real beauty. Its simple shapes, neutral tones, and twisted red cord all appeal to me.

Skinflint Design – Salvaged Fire Brigade Search Light

A very handsome industrial lamp from Skinflint Designs; this saw duty as a fire brigade search light in its past life. |

This very handsome industrial lamp saw duty as a fire brigade search light in its past life. Pieces with a history like this hold a special place for me.

Machine Shop Lighting – Harrison Pulley

What you see is what you get with the Harrison Pulley sconce. |

This sconce manages to combine its strong industrial features with a delicate-looking hand shaped glass cone for a terrific overall look.

John Beck Steel – Last Minute Sconce #1

Gotta have a brass option when you're looking at industrial chic lighting, and this one is a favorite. |

No round up of industrial chic lighting is complete without at least one selection that uses brass. This one is a real standout.

Industrial Light Electric – Color Cord Pendant Light

It's the use of honest forms and time honored materials like cloth cord and ceramic that make this pendant so appealing to me. |

It’s the use of honest forms and time honored materials like cloth cord and ceramic that make this pendant so appealing to me.

I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to post this terrific space styled with classic pieces from Design Within Reach, even if it does have more white than I typically prefer:

So much classic MCM goodness going on in this room from DWR. |

Thankfully, the key upholstered pieces in this room–the Theatre Sofa (which happens to be sale priced at the time of this post) and the Barcelona Chair and Ottoman–are all available in other color choices, so someone like me who prefers something other than white can select what suits his style.

Yes, this post also gives me the opportunity to provide a bit of focus on my new and growing online shop. I’m honored and, frankly, excited to be in partnership with Design Within Reach and able to bring you many of their iconic items. The idea is simple: if you find a DWR product and purchase it through Japanese Trash, I get a small commission which helps me keep the site going. I promise not to inundate you with promo posts like this; I want the shop to be an added bonus for both of us, not a burden on you or me. Most of the time you’ll get the same kinds of posts I always provide, some of which will have the same “shop this post” information at the bottom as this one has, which will let you find and purchase some of the items featured in that post. I’m currently working with both DWR and to bring you the kinds of products that fit my masculine design aesthetic–and I hope to be able to expand to include other great retailers. I’m also folding my shop items into the Japanese Trash shop so you can continue to support their boutique makers. Happy shopping!

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Apologies up front for all the overly styled–or weirdly empty, catalog-y pictures you’re about to see. I’ve got sofa shopping on the brain–it’s time for us to get a new one and I’m looking everywhere online, including Four Hands Home, to see if I can find something that will do what we need (more on that later) and look like I want it to.

Some sofa shopping going on at my house; pardon the catalog photo. I do like this style, though. |

Here’s the deal. We use our sofa a LOT. We’re on it all the time, almost always with our dog(s) (plural in parenthesis because while we currently only have one, we normally have more than one dog at a time). We’re guys and we’re not small. So we have a lot of needs: we need space, we need durability, we need comfort. Oh, and our current sofa–a two-piece sectional; each piece is approximately the size of a twin bed (really)–has a wide, low, rigid back and arms (perfect for the dogs to jump up onto, so this is something we like) and huge, long overstuffed, loose back cushions (which we’re constantly fighting with because they quickly become dog beds and don’t retain their shape, which is something we hate).

So… the list of needs is:

  • spacious
  • durable
  • comfortable
  • sectional
  • low back and arms for jumping onto (for the dogs)
  • tight back & bench seat / no loose cushions (for the dads)

Seems like there should be one more thing. Oh yeah: it better look good, like this one from Restoration Hardware.

No matter where I look, I keep coming up with the same idea-this one. |

No matter where I look, one option seems to stand out. You’re seeing it in both of the images above, and I think it’s a good start but I’m not convinced this style will ultimately be the winner. See, the arms and back might be too high (we default to smaller dogs). Maybe the dog(s) can learn to stroll around to jump up.

Then, of course, there’s always the factor of price to consider. Maybe Roger + Chris will give me a deal on this:

A possible winner in my online sofa shopping search. Maybe in another fabric. Probably in another fabric. |

Maybe in another fabric. Probably in another fabric. I can kinda smell the cow dung from here.

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