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Then again, maybe your father is the dude who lives in this stylish, contemporary home in Healdsburg, California. Comprised of three separate prefabricated units, organized to maximize passive cooling provided by naturally occurring breezes, the builder–Blu Homes–includes all customizations, plus finishes and fixtures, at no additional cost.


With the pace of innovation in the modular home industry driving quality improvements while decreasing the cost of ownership, it has become more and more attractive to consider going prefab. This place is situated on a few hundred acres in Oregon, and makes the perfect high-end weekend cabin.


Customization is industry standard, and there’s no arguing that today’s prefab homes come with a smaller ecological impact than traditional build on site homes. Plus, there’s no hampering your individual style since there are so many terrific options to choose from–like the sleek IT HOUSE, shown here.

And you thought prefab meant living in a trailer park…


I’ve always been a big fan of incorporating color into interior design. I’ve also always been very opinionated about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to color—at least for my particular décor aesthetic. For example, I have a greater appreciation for deep, rich color than I do for pastels,. Similarly, the trendy kitchen colors of my youth, like harvest gold and avocado green, tend to make my stomach turn. Imagine my surprise when finding so much to like about the plethora of colorful ovens starting to show up in kitchens. By and large, they look good! Are you ready to embrace colorful ovens with me?– See the whole post at The Interior Collective.


If you’re like me, you don’t start your day until after you’ve had at least one cup of coffee. It’s a key component of my daily morning ritual: brewing, preparing, and enjoying some delicious caffeine. If that’s your way of life as well, why not do it in style? I’ve gathered a few ideas for setting up a coffee prep area that will help get the day started right.– See the whole post at The Interior Collective.

Japanese Trash now has a shop on!

I recently opened the Japanese Trash shop on because I wanted to have a place where I could offer up quality items that fall into my masculine design aesthetic for those of you who are interested in bringing a bit of Japanese Trash into your own homes. From time to time I will feature one of the shop’s sources–or, as calls them, makers–so you can get a closer look at what’s on offer at the shop. Today’s maker is Keith Kreeger Studios, located right here in Austin.

Keith designs and makes porcelain wares for living and dining. His work focuses on the idea that “objects matter”, and his collections exemplify clean, polished, modern design. This desire to bring functional objects with clean design into our everyday lives is what drew me to his work and why I think you might enjoy collecting some of his pieces.

Oval Sides Bowl:
Oval Sides Bowl

Perfect for a side salad, a dessert or a spectacular course during your dinner party. These sides and snack pieces are a great accompaniment to your collection. Order HERE.

Tokyo Ramen Bowl:
Tokyo Ramen Bowl

This deep bowl is perfect for noodles, salads and side dishes. It’s handmade in Keith Kreeger’s Austin, TX studio and is available in a striped, inlaid pattern. Order HERE.

Madison Rocks Cup:
Madison Rocks Cup

It’s time to entertain and you might as well drink colorfully. The newest and brightest collection from Keith Kreeger Studios is the Madison Drinkware. Made from scratch in the Austin, TX studio, these slipcast cups are available in four colors: early gray, blue smoke, mint green. and meyer yellow. Order HERE.

I hope you see something you like–and want to order! See more from Keith Kreeger Studios and all of my hand-selected makers on the Japanese Trash shop at

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