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It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for Leftovers! This week, we begin with this clean, modernist living room:

This clean, modernist living room looks so bright and cheerful. |

That Airstream makes the perfect backdrop for twilit outdoor dining:

This looks like the perfect locale for outdoor dining at twilight. |

I’m also a big fan of this super stylish indoor dining space with the Artichoke Lamp in copper:

I'm a big fan of this super stylish dining space with the Artichoke Lamp in copper. |

A contemporary living room in browns–a great way to warm up darker colors:

This contemporary living room in browns shows that dark colors can be warm. |

And this leather lounger looks like the perfect place to relax:

This leather lounger looks like the perfect place to relax. |

A stylish table lamp with a small footprint like this makes for a terrific bedside lamp. |

Whenever you deal with someone who tries to give advice on the “best” of anything, you already know it’s going to be a subjective call. So, in order to qualify my list of best bedside lamps, I thought I’d provide some criteria. In other words, these are the qualities I look for in a bedside lamp, and these lamps meet those qualities really well. My criteria are: a small footprint—I don’t want my bedside lamp to take up all the room on my nightstand, so having a small footprint is important to me; the ability to provide both general light and reading light; a sense of style; and the flexibility to be used in rooms other than the bedroom. Let’s dive right in! – See more at: The Interior Collective.

Millwork: In praise of molding and other detail. - The Interior Collective |

I’ve always had a strong affinity for precise detail work. That’s true whether I’m enjoying a great actor’s performance on screen or I’m drinking in amazing architecture during a home tour event. So when I see particularly stunning molding, millwork, or other detail in an interior, I’m always captivated. – See more at: The Interior Collective

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