landscape design

landscape design

landscape design

There was a kind-of sneak peek of this post included in this week’s Leftovers. Morgan Satterfield of The Brick House posted her photos from the Dwell Home Tours San Diego 2012 and everybody wins–’cause they’re really good. Read her entry HERE; she’s not only a great photographer and interiors magician, she’s a funny funny lady too. (Okay, I only read the first half of the post before I wrote this; now I’ve read the rest, and there’s some not-so-funny stuff in there as well. But that’s life, right? Don’t let it scare you off from how overall awesome she is.)

Anyway, I’m so into these images from Morgan. Truth is, my tiny back yard needs major love and this is just the kind of inspiration the doctor ordered. Go modern landscaping! Again, it seems to come back to my original mantra of masculine design: color, texture, and great materials/choices. Have a happy weekend, all…

Photography: Morgan Satterfield.


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