house interior design ideas

There’re a lot of great house interior design ideas going on in this simple shot, from the sleek, modern chairs, the simple, round tables and the (faux?) hide rugs to the sweet peek at what looks like a terrific outdoor space (does that look like an al fresco bathtub to anyone else?). Plus: great materials–what’s not to love about a concrete floor with character-adding cracks?–and those windows all around the perimeter of the house. The textured cement eaves overhanging the windows and encircling the courtyard create wonderfully subtle visual interest as well. 

Extra Special

What better way to find interior design inspiration than to visit the house itself? This glimpse is from Villa Extramuros, a beautiful retreat in Portugal, with rooms available for guests. Along with guest rooms, dining and other amenities like a swimming pool, the villa provides access to the gardens, olive fields, and meadows. Since they share space with a large natural preserve and also host herds of sheep on the grounds from time to time, this is not your every day getaway–as these additional house interior shots clearly show:

house interior design ideas

house interior design ideas

Those Eero Saarinen Tulip arm chairs at the dining table are great, right? I’m really taken by the way these spaces all seem to open freely to the outdoors, seamlessly transitioning from interior to exterior space, without interruption the easygoing retreat feeling of all the styling here.

Exterior Design Ideas, Too…

And, just in case you were thinking the only real goodies to be found in terms of house design ideas were inside, there’s this amazing patio:

patio design

Villa Extramuros via desire to inspire.

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  1. Modern, but with plenty of character, very nice design!

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