I’m really attracted to the modern mixture of elements that create the unique style of the interiors in this Montreal urban retreat. Part of the Sax-1 condos brand, there’s a palpable sense of approachable refinement and smart sophistication that has been accomplished by combining smooth surfaces with layers of texture throughout.

Kitchen Magic

Sax-1 Condo Interior

Modern, white, mostly featureless cabinetry on the far side of the kitchen helps the clean and utilitarian space seem to recede from focus. In a beautiful counterpoint to the wall of white, the waterfall treatment of the island countertop married with textures from the island’s wooden facade brings a sense of fine furnishings and welcome warmth to the space.

Bedroom Dreams

Sax-1 Condo Interior 2

Playing off the smooth surfaces created by floor-to-ceiling glass walls, modern wood flooring and dark glossy interior walls, the many textiles in the bedroom provide a restful and plush environment for retreat and relaxation. I especially like the rough wood of the bed juxtaposed with the minimalist light fixtures.

If a Montreal retreat is in my future, this is where I’d want to be.

Via Sax-1 Condos.


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