On Japanese Trash this week: British Influence. | japanesetrash.com

This week I’m trying something new: an entire week of posts that look at a specific masculine design inspiration – the British Isles. From Union Jacks (see above) to Sherlock Holmes, I’ll be giving the Japanese Trash spin on British Influence in interior design.

Here is a peek at some of what I’ll be covering on the blog this week:

Minimalist Designer John Pawson

British Influence: minimalist designs by John Pawson. | japanesetrash.com

One of Great Britain’s most influential designers, John Pawson‘s aesthetic is found in everything from cookbooks to Swedish farmhouses.


British Influence: Chesterfields. | japanesetrash.com

Perhaps the only interior piece more British than a Chesterfield is one with the Union Jack on it.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

British Influence: Kingsman movie. | japanesetrash.com

I’m a huge fan of movies and television, and one film coming up is this one; I’ll look at the specific British styles that show up in the trailer.

Keep Calm and Carry On

British Influence: Keep Calm and Carry On. | japanesetrash.com

Is there anything still to learn from the little poster that could? We’ll find out this week.

Abigail Ahern

British Influence: Abigail Ahern. | japanesetrash.com

No look at British Influence in interior design is complete without checking in with the doyenne of darkness, Abigail Ahern.

The Conran Shop

British Influence: The Conran Shop. | japanesetrash.com

Designer Terrance Conran founded one of the first lifestyle brands when he opened The Conran Shop. I’ll take a look at the brand’s influence on our daily lives.

Sherlock Holmes

British Influence: Sherlock Holmes. | japanesetrash.com

I’ll wrap up the week with a review of interior design ideas inspired by the latest incarnations of the world famous detective who lives at 221B Baker Street.


Four Eames chairs. | japanesetrash.com

This week–Tuesday, to be exact–Japanese Trash celebrates four years of bringing masculine interior design ideas to the world. Here’s to all of you who have been a part of the journey!

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