I saw this Aspen chalet and knew it had to be the last post of the week–this is the perfect place to get away to. In my mind, I’m spending the weekend here. Hope you all have a good one!

Aspen chalet exterior. | japanesetrash.com

Aspen chalet living room. | japanesetrash.com

Aspen chalet fireplace. | japanesetrash.com

Aspen chalet bed. | japanesetrash.com

Aspen chalet view. | japanesetrash.com


These are the images that have caught my eye this morning. If there’s a common thread here, I’d call it relaxed sophistication. Let me know if any of these rooms capture you too.

Barcelona Chairs

I'm a big fan of these Barcelona Chairs. | japanesetrash.com

Of course I’m a huge fan of these Barcelona Chairs. The caramel colored leather is an awesome choice.

Kitchen Glimpse

A glimpse of dine-in kitchen. | japanesetrash.com

Fun textures and great colors in this dine-in kitchen; I applaud the inclusion of contrasting pieces to liven up the space.

Wood Wrap

Interesting wall treatment here. | japanesetrash.com

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wall done this way–these are large wooden panels that have been attached, but I could imagine it done with wallpaper.

Colorful Texture

A ton of great texture in this corner. | japanesetrash.com

This is just the perfect little corner.

Informal Gallery Wall

Terrific informal gallery wall. | japanesetrash.com

An artistic office lounge space.

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