A note from Dave: If, like me, you’ve ever wondered how to make the leap from what you’ve got now to what will work better in the way of items to use while decking out your place, this sporadic series of posts is for you. With the Starting Point posts, I’ll give my thoughts on where to focus when working to get from where you are now to where you want to go. Today: goodbye blank walls.

I spent some of my downtime yesterday doing the traditional Thanksgiving stuff: turkey and all the trimmings, football (my Longhorns beat the aggies–Hook ‘em!), you know the drill. But I also gave my office a long overdue update–daily readers will know that I’ve been thinking/planning a change for some time now. Once I feel like it’s complete and ready to share I’ll shoot some photos and get your thoughts, but for now the room is missing one important feature: something to put on the wall over my desk. If you’ve got a big blank space staring at you, think large scale art; it’s actually easier than you might think to find–or make–just what you’re looking for, and it will create a huge difference in your rooms. From framed gun range targets to DIY pieces like the one above, you’ll find more examples (not all large scale) on my art-tagged posts here.

Via The New Domestic.


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