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It’s part of our daily routines–at least, for most of us: coming in the front door and needing a place to put our stuff. Keys, coats, bags, phones… all of the things you might not need again until the next time you go out. That’s where a smartly put together entry comes in handy; it’s just the right spot to deposit those items until you take off once more. The Iron Horse Hotel makes it easy for their guests–many of whom are motorcycle enthusiasts–by putting an entry like the one above in many of their loft-style rooms. A place to sit and take off and store outerwear that uses tile so it’s easily cleaned; the perfect solution.


Here’s a similar solution created from an existing entryway closet in a Brooklyn home. Simple but effective storage in an easy to clean space–with the addition of plenty of hooks for hanging extra jackets, dog leashes, and shopping bags. The adjacent cabinet could act as extra storage and make a great spot for keys, phone and wallet.


Let’s say your space is at a premium because you live on an island in central Stockholm, there’s still apt to be room enough for a wall hook and a small table or two, right? Just enough for some of your stuff.


And, if you’ve maxed out your available footprint for an entry but still need a bit more help managing things, there’s always the option of adding this modern, hand made rack with its built-in shelf. Now there’s no more excuse for not being able to find your keys; they’re waiting for you at the entry.


Such a captivating kitchen space–it’s so different from what I tend to see every day. The offset square tile everywhere, the plywood door, the matte black refrigerator, and, of course, those antlers–it all adds up to something I really like.

Photography: Martin Wichardt.

Via Fantastic Frank.

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