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These images–dimly lit and murky (click on them to view larger)–from the movie Tron: Legacy depict the home of the film’s main character: Sam, son of Tron’s lead, Jeff Bridges. According to production designer Darren Gilford, “Sam has clearly been shaped by the mysterious unanswered absence of his famous computer-genius father and chooses a renegade ‘off-the-grid’ existence,” Gilford said. “The vibe was meant to be the ultimate man cave where Sam could park his Ducati next to his sofa.”

Ultimate man cave: check. Ducati next to sofa: check. And there’s also a throwback vibe coming from the slouchy leather chairs plus some pretty awesome touches provided by the pair of lamps and that fireplace. I could polish this place up and make it livable in no time…

Production design: Darren Gilford.


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