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Was it just yesterday that I wrote “Life happens” in my post? Well, indeed it does, and life is happening all over my world at the moment. Not only that, but computer issues happen and because of the current happenings in my life and issues with my computer, I’m only able to post another set of images that let you in on what’s randomly catching my eye today. Enjoy!

Minimalist bliss. |


Industrial Chic |

Via French By Design.

Drinks! |

Via Design Elements.

Lamp lust. |

Via Automatism.

Designed by Barbara Hill. |



So you don’t have a cabin but you’ve got fever for cabin style–here are some ideas for bringing a bit of the woodsy feeling of a cabin into your home:

Great White MCM

A bit of "Great White Mid-century Modern" in Singapore. |

This glimpse of a Singapore apartment includes some surprising nods to the Great White North, with a healthy dose of mid-century modern mixed in. The patchwork cover on a reproduction Eames Molded Plastic Dowel-Leg Side Chair is an interesting touch, but my eye is on that great Canada-map-becomes-elk print in the background:

"Elk White" by Martin Bunyi |

“Elk White” by Martin Bunyi.

Look & Feel

Get the cabin feeling with this flooring. |

Get the feeling of an authentic hand-made wood floor with this amazing flooring product.


Natural tree stump side table from West Elm. |

Consider adding cabin style via these natural tree stump side tables from West Elm.

Get Stoned

Impressive stone shower. |

Let’s not forget the cabin style appeal of stone — this stone lined shower is impressive!

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