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It’s no secret that Barbara Hill is one of my favorite designers. I’ve featured her work multiple times here, but have only just learned that her Marfa House is a different project than her Marfa Dance Hall home. And that’s all the excuse I need to do a post specifically about the Marfa House.

She’s the former Miss Texas (1956) and contemporary art dealer who has been called both a Texas Modernist and a Rural Minimalist, but she won my heart with her no-nonsense approach and pared-down style. These images of the Marfa House living space speak to this much better than my words ever could:

Marfa House by Barbara Hill Design: Eames sofas |

Marfa House by Barbara Hill Design: living space |

Marfa House by Barbara Hill Design: Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chairs |

Marfa House by Barbara Hill Design: living area |

The separating wall between the living space and bedroom features this credenza:

Marfa House by Barbara Hill Design: credenza |

The serene bedroom:

Marfa House by Barbara Hill: bedroom |

The patio with outdoor fireplace and an image of the house and grounds:

Marfa House by Barbara Hill Design: patio with outdoor fireplace |

Marfa House by Barbara Hill Design |

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I was in the midst of putting together a different post — one on modernist homes in the desert, something I’ll run soon, I’m sure — when I saw this image and it distracted me:

Entry area with terrific pieces and one of my favorite palettes. |

First off, this is one of my favorite palettes–the grey, white, and ambers-running-to-deep-orange hues. Secondly, as I learned when I explored more about this apartment, this is a retiree’s unit in an assisted living facility, which I find to be both amazing and very good news for all our futures.

Since it’s impossible for me not to take a further look around the space after seeing the first image, here is the dining area:

A simple dining space in a retiree's assisted living unit. |

And, to wrap up the brief tour, the bedroom:

Bedroom by RDK Design for Donald D. Powell. |

This is one of my favorite bedrooms on the planet. It’s a room that made me start thinking differently about contemporary interior design and one that has become so popular over the years that I think it’s now considered an icon of design. Today, I’m looking beyond the iconic bedroom and into the rest of the Francisco Costa home in NYC, courtesy of photography by Christopher Sturman.

This bedroom in the home of Francisco Costa has become iconic. |

But before we leave this room, let’s take a look at what makes it so appealing. The use of color and texture to create a soothing ambiance is spot on. The variety of size and type of art adds life. And the inclusion of a small table and a wall of shelving makes this space feel like a self-contained retreat:

The table and chairs plus the wall of shelving turn this bedroom into a retreat. |

The same types of elements carry over into the apartment’s study, where color, texture, art, and built in shelving–along with a refined but livable mix of furnishings–are to be found:

A refined but livable study. |

Here’s another shot of the study, along with the apartment’s owner, Francisco Costa. The mix of patterns here is interesting and brings a lot of visual interest to an otherwise serene space:

Terrific use of pattern in Francisco Costa's study. |

The clean lines and the herringbone pattern in the wood floor give this kitchen a Parisian feel:

The clean lines and the herringbone pattern in the wood floor give this kitchen a Parisian feel. |


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