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I will be chatting later today in a couple of weeks (this just got re-scheduled) with Mark and Theresa of on their regular Thursday live show. The topic: “Man Cave Bathrooms” and men taking back the bathroom–it should be a fun talk and if you feel like watching you can do so here at 1pm Eastern. So I’ve been looking at some bathrooms in order to prep for the show and found a few I wanted to share with you.

Materials Make the Man’s Bathroom

No matter what your opinion is of what I call Masculine Design, I think we can all agree that it starts with the choice of materials. My favorites, if you don’t know by now, tend to be concrete, metal, wood, and glass. These bathrooms showcase those materials really well:

This handsome bathroom marries ironwood and concrete to create refinement. |

This handsome bathroom designed by Brazilian architect Diego Revollo marries ironwood and concrete to create refinement. Wooden Venetian blinds, reflected in the unframed mirror, are a terrific choice.

Wood, stainless steel, tiled walls and a full-wall mirror make this bathroom a standout. |

Wood, stainless steel, tiled walls (that tile looks like honed marble to me) and a wall sized mirror make this bathroom designed by Paritzki & Liani Architects a standout.

Metal floor plate on the walls? Why not--if that's what suits your style. |

Arguably the most masculine of all finishes, metal floor plate line the walls of this bathroom designed by Andrea Michaelson Design. Used alongside this concrete sink and contemporary fixture, there’s a surprising rough elegance here.

Plywood sheets laid like huge subway tile plus a kick-ass concrete work sink make for a terrific bathroom. |

Plywood sheets laid like huge subway tile plus a kick-ass concrete work sink make for a terrific bathroom, designed by Shareen Joel Design.

Show Your Style

We all know materials can be used in a multitude of ways, so the other key component for masculine bathrooms is how you incorporate your particular style into the space:

This dark contemporary/industrial look is a winner for me. |

This dark contemporary/industrial style masculine bathroom by Marc&Co is a winner for me. Exposed brass plumbing, recessed lighting, concrete sink and matte black penny tile make a great look here.

Here my favorite elements--wood, concrete, steel--are combined to create a luxurious contemporary bathroom. |

Here my favorite elements–wood, concrete, steel–are combined by Chen+Suchart Studio to create a luxurious contemporary bathroom.

I could almost believe I was on a yacht from a century ago in this bathroom with its metal-clad walls. |

Is your style nautical? Take a look at this metal-clad bathroom with a large porthole window from Tongue & Groove. Masculine bathrooms don’t have to fall prey to boring or expected design.

I decided I wanted to keep going with the idea of Industrial Chic this week and started doing some googling just to see what’s out there I might need to become aware of. Who knew Restoration Hardware had taken the concept of industrial chic so much to heart? It’s been a few years since I’ve been in one of their stores, and I have to say what I’m seeing online is making me want to go in for a visit some time soon.

I’m not going to pretend that I think what Restoration Hardware is doing is superfantastic, but I do think for a mass market furniture purveyor, they are showing a predilection for pushing the envelope. And some of the designs in their online look books are worth a double take. Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

Campaign trunk style bar from Restoration Hardware. |

I'm so pleasantly surprised by the industrial chic pieces I'm seeing from Restoration Hardware. |

Another GLAMasculine living room from Restoration Hardware. |

For me, this space is all about that chandelier--but the rest of the pieces are nice, too. |

Another offering from Restoration Hardware that has the campaign trunk influence. |

Putting my own sense of style into my living spaces is very important to me–as you might assume–so when we built our home nine years ago, one of the things we did was to change out the builder’s selection of lighting fixtures with those of our own choosing. Now, as you may know, it was the experience of building that house and then realizing some of the missed opportunities that led me to start Japanese Trash–and that has resulted in my having a much more defined sense of my own style. Were I to be building now, I would definitely go for industrial chic lighting in most or all of the rooms. Today, I’m looking at a few options for the kind of thing I really am drawn to when it comes to fixtures.

Benjamin Hubert – Heavy Light

Benjamin Hubert's Heavy Light is one of my favorite options when it comes to industrial chic lighting. |

This thin walled concrete lamp is a real beauty. Its simple shapes, neutral tones, and twisted red cord all appeal to me.

Skinflint Design – Salvaged Fire Brigade Search Light

A very handsome industrial lamp from Skinflint Designs; this saw duty as a fire brigade search light in its past life. |

This very handsome industrial lamp saw duty as a fire brigade search light in its past life. Pieces with a history like this hold a special place for me.

Machine Shop Lighting – Harrison Pulley

What you see is what you get with the Harrison Pulley sconce. |

This sconce manages to combine its strong industrial features with a delicate-looking hand shaped glass cone for a terrific overall look.

John Beck Steel – Last Minute Sconce #1

Gotta have a brass option when you're looking at industrial chic lighting, and this one is a favorite. |

No round up of industrial chic lighting is complete without at least one selection that uses brass. This one is a real standout.

Industrial Light Electric – Color Cord Pendant Light

It's the use of honest forms and time honored materials like cloth cord and ceramic that make this pendant so appealing to me. |

It’s the use of honest forms and time honored materials like cloth cord and ceramic that make this pendant so appealing to me.

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