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Hello friends. I spent the weekend away from my computer and am now in need of taking some time this morning to plan the week for Japanese Trash. Honestly, my new effort of more and longer posts each week around a theme is almost impossible to pull off without dedicating most of my weekend to working on the coming week’s posts–and this weekend that was not in the cards. Life happens. Thankfully, there’s always good old fashioned Leftovers!


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I don’t have a green thumb. Every time I try to keep plants indoors, it doesn’t work out like I hoped. While I like the idea of having plants here and there, the reality for me is I wind up with sad pots filled with dirt–once the body of the deceased has been disposed of. But it’s a given that one sure fire way of incorporating nature into your interiors is with indoor plants, so here’s a very brief look at a few stylish examples of that:

Black, White & Grey

Pistache in Amsterdam. |

This event space is a mix of industrial and traditional with a black, white, and grey palette; it’s quite handsome. The charcoal colored pot with the impressive cactus is nice.

Stylish in Stockholm. |

Here’s that same palette again, but in a Stockholm apartment; this time the plants are potted in neutral-hued containers.

I like the deep green of the cactus here. |

The deep green of this cactus is delightful among the neutrals on this table photographed by Anders Schonnemann.

Concrete Containers

Round concrete pot by Roughfusion. |

Concrete planter by Roughfusion. |

Rough Fusion (or roughfusion? I’ve seen it both ways) would be where I would turn if I wanted containers for indoor plants. He made these two and has stores on Etsy and Scoutmob.

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