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Hi there. Well…. Life has continued to happen every day so far this month and I’m feeling woefully behind in everything. Let’s let that go and look at some awesome interiors, what do you say?

Great deep hues. |

MCM goodness. |

Simple simple simple. |

Wonderfully woodsy. |

Layers. | japanesetrash.comLovely simplicity. |

Gorgeous glimpse. |

Drinks! |

Calming kitchen. |

Nicely done. |

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Hello friends. I spent the weekend away from my computer and am now in need of taking some time this morning to plan the week for Japanese Trash. Honestly, my new effort of more and longer posts each week around a theme is almost impossible to pull off without dedicating most of my weekend to working on the coming week’s posts–and this weekend that was not in the cards. Life happens. Thankfully, there’s always good old fashioned Leftovers!


Via Remodelista.


Via Plastolux.

industrial chic

Via Dwell.


Via cabbagerose.

The Amado

Via Apartment Therapy.

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