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Hi there. Well…. Life has continued to happen every day so far this month and I’m feeling woefully behind in everything. Let’s let that go and look at some awesome interiors, what do you say?

Great deep hues. |

MCM goodness. |

Simple simple simple. |

Wonderfully woodsy. |

Layers. | japanesetrash.comLovely simplicity. |

Gorgeous glimpse. |

Drinks! |

Calming kitchen. |

Nicely done. |

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Was it just yesterday that I wrote “Life happens” in my post? Well, indeed it does, and life is happening all over my world at the moment. Not only that, but computer issues happen and because of the current happenings in my life and issues with my computer, I’m only able to post another set of images that let you in on what’s randomly catching my eye today. Enjoy!

Minimalist bliss. |


Industrial Chic |

Via French By Design.

Drinks! |

Via Design Elements.

Lamp lust. |

Via Automatism.

Designed by Barbara Hill. |


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