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Did you know Japanese Trash is also on Tumblr? What I primarily post there is the same thing you see here–but I also repost stuff from the Tumblrs I follow. I like the format because it’s so free-flow and impulsive. So I thought I’d let you know you can find me there if you’re someone who prefers that channel over other methods of getting my posts.

Here are the next few items coming up in my queue from one of the other Tumblrs I like, Bungalow Classic; enjoy!

Terrific saturated blue in this geometric paint job. |

A serene kitchen with black cabinets and a marble island. |

A handsome wardrobe in a wood chevron pattern. |

This concrete stairwell seems mysterious... |

Great mix of styles in this space. |


Millwork: In praise of molding and other detail. - The Interior Collective |

I’ve always had a strong affinity for precise detail work. That’s true whether I’m enjoying a great actor’s performance on screen or I’m drinking in amazing architecture during a home tour event. So when I see particularly stunning molding, millwork, or other detail in an interior, I’m always captivated. – See more at: The Interior Collective

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