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Embracing nature at home comes in two forms: incorporating more time outdoors in your lifestyle, and bringing elements found outside inside. The Lakemoore Drive house is a great example of a place where it’s easy to do both. With its terrific Palm Springs style, a back yard made for outdoor living, and use of natural stone interiors, you may just fall in love with it like I did:

Poolside on Lakemoore Drive |

Lakemoore Drive house tour on Japanese Trash. |

Lakemoore Drive house tour on Japanese Trash. |

Lakemoore Drive house tour on Japanese Trash. |

Lakemoore Drive house tour on Japanese Trash. |

Lakemoore Drive house tour on Japanese Trash. |

Photography: Nadia Caffesse / Full Tilt Photography.

Video: Kevin Pruitt.


When we last saw Jeffrey Alan Marks, the LA-based interior designer, he was hard at work remodeling the shower at his gym on the Bravo TV show, “Million Dollar Decorators”. That’s been a while–over three years, actually, which is a bit of a surprise to me–so I thought I’d revisit his work and feature some of my favorites.

The Man: JAM

LA-based interior designer, Jeffrey Alan Marks--aka JAM. |

Marks likes to refer to himself by his initials, JAM, and tends to look as cool and composed as one of his interiors. On the show, he’s portrayed as bit more frayed at the edges than this photo would have you think.


This Malibu living room is a treat for the senses. |

This living room is full of great pieces–I love every single one of them. At first glance, the long sofa against the back wall appears to be half navy and half white; I wish it was.

Santa Monica Canyon

The dining and kitchen area of JAM & Ross Cassidy's home. |

JAM and his partner, Ross Cassidy, share this home–famous for having a row boat attached upside-down to the bedroom ceiling. This homey eat-in kitchen is appealing.


Love the clean lines and terrific materials of this kitchen. |

I’m all about the clean lines and sleek contemporary materials of this kitchen. Love the huge window by the sink, too.


Texture. Color. Want. |

It only takes a few well-chosen pieces at the right scale to create a stunning space. |

These spaces do so much with very few pieces–just the right ones in the right scale and combination and it’s perfect.

Santa Monica

Beautiful wood, stone, and metallics in this kitchen. |

Beautiful wood, stone, and metallics make this kitchen terrific.

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