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I’ve got a new interior design obsession: mini matte black subway tile. Unfortunately, I’m not finding many examples of its use when I scan my resources so there’s not really enough out there to devote a whole post to it yet–calling all designers to start using it more! Until then, I’ve got some images of other kinds of black subway tile to help fill out this post. They’re all good, I just have a thing for the small matte version…

Glam It Up

There's no denying the glam factor that glazed black subway tile can bring to a space. |

Before we get to my obsession, there does happen to be this. Wanting major glamour and impact in your space? Try glazed black subway tile; it’s like being inside a dark diamond.

Go Industrial

Industrial chic steakhouse in Budapest with stainless steel, butcher block, and black subway tile. |

Maybe that should be “Go Industrial Chic” — this Budapest steakhouse uses black subway tile, butcher block, and stainless steel to get the look.

Dial It Back

Handsome kitchen space using matte black subway tile. |

Not sure you’re ready for full on butcher shop drama? Tell the same story a bit more subtly by using matte black subway tile and stainless steel counters like in this handsome kitchen.

Make Mine Mini

Miniature matte black subway tile run almost all the way up these walls; I'm obsessed. |

We’ve seen matte black, now let’s look at a more miniature solution. This use of the tile–running it almost all the way up the walls–is sooooo nice.

Black It Out

Matte black mini subway tile, black grout... this is the look I'm loving right now. |

This is the look that I’m crushing on hard these days: matte black mini subway tile with black grout–it’s impossibly sexy.

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for Leftovers! This week, we begin with this clean, modernist living room:

This clean, modernist living room looks so bright and cheerful. |

That Airstream makes the perfect backdrop for twilit outdoor dining:

This looks like the perfect locale for outdoor dining at twilight. |

I’m also a big fan of this super stylish indoor dining space with the Artichoke Lamp in copper:

I'm a big fan of this super stylish dining space with the Artichoke Lamp in copper. |

A contemporary living room in browns–a great way to warm up darker colors:

This contemporary living room in browns shows that dark colors can be warm. |

And this leather lounger looks like the perfect place to relax:

This leather lounger looks like the perfect place to relax. |

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