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Then again, maybe your father is the dude who lives in this stylish, contemporary home in Healdsburg, California. Comprised of three separate prefabricated units, organized to maximize passive cooling provided by naturally occurring breezes, the builder–Blu Homes–includes all customizations, plus finishes and fixtures, at no additional cost.


With the pace of innovation in the modular home industry driving quality improvements while decreasing the cost of ownership, it has become more and more attractive to consider going prefab. This place is situated on a few hundred acres in Oregon, and makes the perfect high-end weekend cabin.


Customization is industry standard, and there’s no arguing that today’s prefab homes come with a smaller ecological impact than traditional build on site homes. Plus, there’s no hampering your individual style since there are so many terrific options to choose from–like the sleek IT HOUSE, shown here.

And you thought prefab meant living in a trailer park…


Have you ever had the experience of suddenly becoming aware of—and suddenly seeing a lot of examples of—something new or different, then wondering how you never noticed this “new” thing before? I think most of us have experienced this. It happened to me again recently after seeing an image of a piece of X-leg furniture. Of course, I’ve been aware of the X-leg for years, but that particular design feature had somehow faded into the background and I was not noticing it so much. Then, suddenly, there it was—seemingly everywhere! And I quickly decided that it’s one of my favorite elements, and that we should look at some examples together.– See the whole post at The Interior Collective.

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