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This Russian apartment, designed by Italians Lazzaro Rabon and Andrei Fabbri, has been floating around the interwebs and is too good not to pick up and post. The key to the interior design here, for me, is the designers’ deft way of mixing neutrals–various greys with some browns plus black and white thrown in–to create an attractive space that has a quiet but distinct liveliness. There’s both refinement and relaxation in these spces, with just the right amount of just the right pieces. One thing that I particularly appreciate is the level of contrast found in each of the rooms; I’m not a fan of using pieces together that are the same hue — solid black dining chairs with a solid black dining table, for example. Without contrast, everything blends together into one mass and there’s absolutely no pulse at all. Enjoy!

A statement piece fireplace. |

The stone gives visual texture to this neutral kitchen. |

This space is a masterpiece of mixing neutrals. |

A fascinating staircase. |

Grey, brown, black, white; terrific palette. |

These rich textures are perfect for a bedroom retreat. |


I was casting about for images that seemed compelling enough to create a post around and started to see a few that were resonating, when I realized they were all the work of the same stylist: Emma O’Meara. Here’s the thing: I wouldn’t typically do a post that focuses on a stylist, because honestly I’m usually very turned off by what I see stylists do. And that’s the crux of the matter–I believe that good styling should be invisible, unseen, unnoticeable; like good acting from a talented actor, you don’t see him plying his craft. And so much of what I see in home decor images that have been styled sticks out as styling–the odd pair of high heels in the kitchen, bedclothes disarranged in exactly the same way on every bed in every bedroom shot ever, washi tape everywhere… you know what I’m talking about. It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine. So when I saw these images and really liked them all and then found out they’ve all been styled by the same person I was very pleasantly surprised. BTW, and not for nothing, they were all photographed by Nikole Ramsay; these two make a great team.

Warm kitchen - love these materials. |

More terrific concrete in this bathroom. |

Tons of great textures here. |

All of this wood is amazing; great sink too. |

Amazing combination of influences in this living room. |

Another week done. As tends to happen–for me at least–annually, we’ve reached that time of the year where the days just seem to be flying by, and before you know it, it will be Thanksgiving. I wasn’t thinking of this seque when I wrote that last sentence, but I’ll use it anyway: the holiday that’s mostly spent in the kitchen–Thanksgiving. I don’t know about you, but my house was essentially built to feature the kitchen; it has vastly more square footage, per minute in use, than any other room in the place, and it’s open to the dining and living area. It could in no way be considered minimalist. But today I’m featuring five minimalist kitchens that I think would serve up equally scrumptious Thanksgiving meals. Let me know what you think of these:


Terrific volumes and visual textures in this minimalist kitchen. |

I really like the repeating volumes of the island and the hood enclosure in this space. Also working for me: the visual texture provided by the flooring and choice of cabinetry.


I'm really into this linear minimalist kitchen. |

The combination of a long island with eating space on one end, the interesting over-counter lighting frame, and the wide stainless steel cooking built-in area make this kitchen really interesting.


An industrial/minimalist kitchen. |

This industrial/minimalist kitchen almost disappears from view. That the entirety of the lower cabinet area is filled with either appliances (those first three are all refrigeration) or open shelving is terrific.


This kitchen feels like a sculpture in the space. |

The way the components of this kitchen have been added into the larger space has a sculptural or modular feel. It’s almost as if the kitchen is temporarily docked at that end of the room.


Bright, white, clean. |

A bright, white, clean kitchen that seems to be all about quiet competence.

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