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I hope everyone has started to relax into the weekend. I have, but I also have a new post from The Interior Collective to share with you. Enjoy!

Plumen decorative bulb in a vintage worklamp fixture. |

Now and then I’ll see a photo on some site or other that shows something interior design related that I think is so AWESOME and I CAN’T WAIT to try it myself. Recently I saw a terrific kitchen renovation online that had lighting consisting of simple sockets hanging from black cords; what made them AMAZING was the decorative bulbs used with the plain fixtures. Those bulbs made all the difference in the world and I COULDN’T WAIT to give that a whirl in my own home. (Okay, I’ll stop with the yelling; you just need to know how exited I get some times about this stuff.) Problem was, I didn’t have any fixtures that would lend themselves to the extra cool factor of using decorative bulbs. So, as usual, I decided I wanted to post about it so that all of you could benefit from my excitement, even if I can’t. – See more at: The Interior Collective


masculine dining room

Sometimes I run low on inspiration; seems like every site and tumblr is running the same set of images and I’m left without knowing where to turn. Happily, today when that happened I remembered this image–it’s one I carried around for months as my phone wallpaper and it’s a big part of what inspired me to start this site. Thank you Blake Dollahite for being part of the original small group of designers and craftspeople who (unknowingly) helped push me in this direction.

Via Rural Theory.

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