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This contemporary bedroom is so calming |

This contemporary bedroom is so calming with its dark walls and soft bedding. The luscious woods and modern Tolomeo lamp add to the appeal. The simple roller shade–which looks to be the same color as the walls–is a smart touch. (Is it just me, or does that lamp look like maybe it’s mounted to the back of the night stand? I don’t see a base for it, so I’m guessing it has been attached either to the night stand or to the wall.) All in all, this glimpse of the space holds the promise of a terrific vibe for the house as a whole.

Architecture: Michael Maltzan.

Photography: Noah Webb.

Via Dwell.

I’ve always looked up to certain interior designers as being among those whose work drew me to this world, and Thomas O’Brien is one of them. So when this set of images came across my desk — thanks to creative director Michael Reynolds — I had to post them. Shot some time ago in O’Brien’s New York apartment, this is the equivalent of a master class in his signature style: a layered, relaxed, collector’s aesthetic mixed with clean, classic American pieces. There’s not a space here that doesn’t feel just right to me.


Looking as American and classic as Clark Kent, Thomas O’Brien’s impact as a designer has extended from providing interiors to creating his own furniture, lighting, rugs and house wares lines, as well as authoring a pair of books on the subject. Let’s take a look at those shots of his apartment and drink up his unique and timeless style:










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